Recreational Soccer League

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, the Cosumnes River Recreational Soccer League (CRRSL) started as a new option for recreational soccer in the Elk Grove, CA as the Elk Grove Recreational Soccer League. Thanks to the immense growth and support from the community in our first season, we changed our name to the Cosumnes River Recreational Soccer League due to the growth and representation we now have not just in the Elk Grove, but surrounding areas. We helped keep recreational soccer recreational, and lowered the registration fees to ensure all children had the ability to learn the sport the founding members had a love for.

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Why Play with Us?

We were founded by a group of individuals who believed all children deserved a right to play recreational sports without the pressure of being competitive. Our Board Members are volunteers from the community, and focused on representing recreational soccer in Elk Grove and the surrounding areas. If you wish to play up to the competitive level once your skills have reached the peak of recreational soccer, we have partnered with IR Academy, where they focus on competitive play. It is a symbiotic relationship that benefits the children. Above all remember we are rec soccer! Your children will love learning a sport and making new friends.

Our Sanctioning Body

The Cosumnes River Recreational Soccer League is sanctioned by US Club Soccer. This partnership allows our players the most opportunities. They can play in tournaments across the surrounding areas, not just ones sponsored by us club soccer. They help with rules, regulations, sanctioning, and most importantly as a foundation to ensure all children are safe, and learning the skills and techniques needed to get them to the next level.Type your paragraph here.

Cosumnes River Recreational Soccer League

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